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Pointers for First Periodical Exam Grade 4

by Jocelyn Drio -

Pointers for Periodical Exam 4


I.                   True or False – The Baptism of Jesus (10pts)

II.                 Multiple Choice- The Gospels: Good News for Christian / St. Augustine of Hippo (15pts.)

III.              Practical Situation – A Good Christian (10pts.)

IV.              Enumeration- 12 disciples of Jesus (15pts)

                           3 Things you must know as disciples of Jesus


  Araling Panlipunan 4

I.                   True or False – Katangian ng Bansang Pilipinas (10pts)

II.                 Multiple Choice- Nasaan ang Pilipinas / Ang mga Hayop At Halaman (20pts)

III.              Identification- Pag-aralan ang ‘Maalaala mo Kaya” p. 53 (10pts)

IV.              Enumeration – 7 uri ng Mapa/ 2 aspekto ng Soberanya (10pts)

V.                Essay


Filipino 4

I.                   Matching types – Ibigay ang Kahulugan p. 15 at 23 (10pts)

II.                 Identification – Kongkreto at Di-Kongkreto / Kasarian ng Pangalan  

                             Pantangi at Pambalan (20pts)

III.              Multiple Choice- Mga Bugtong  p. 10-12 (15pts)



I.                   Multiple Choice – Notes and Rest / Properties of Rhythm / Time Signature (15pts)

II.                 Matching types – Lines / Food labels /Importance of Nutrience (15pts)

III.              Identification – Identify the pictures pages 267-271 (2pts each)






English 4

I.                   Vocabulary Words From the stories (5pts)

II.                 Identification (10pts)

III.              Synonyms (5pts)

IV.              Fact or Opinion (5pts)



Science 4

I.                   Identification – Lesson 1 to 6 (15pts

II.                 True or False (10pts)



Math 4

I.                   Expanding of Numbers (5pts)

II.                 Roman Numerals (5pts)

III.              Word Problems -Solving for the average (15pts)

IV.              Equations – MDAS or Order of Operations

(25×2 =50)